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Dear Colleagues,
we are privileged to inform you that our traditional yearly conference dedicated to scientific and cultural exchange between Eastern and Western psychiatrists in 2014 will take place in Warsaw, Poland. We are glad to invite you toWarsaw, the capital of Poland, a most important trade-financial and political centre of Poland. Although today’s Warsaw is a fairly young city, it has many tourist attractions. Apart from the Warsaw Old Town quarter, carefully reconstructed after World War II, each borough has something to offer. Among the most notable landmarks of the Old Town are the Royal Castle, King Zygmunt’s Column, Market Square, and the Barbican.
In Warsaw there are many places connected with the life and work of Fryderyk Chopin. The heart of Polish-born composer is sealed inside Warsaw’s Holy Cross Church. During the summer time the Chopin Monument in the Royal Baths Park is a place where pianists give a concert to the park audience. Also many references to Marie Curie, her work and her family can be found in Warsaw: Marie’s birthplace at the Warsaw New Town, the working places where she did her first scientific works and the Radium Institute at Wawelska Street for the research and the treatment of cancer which she founded in 1925.
The conference will focus on “Psychiatry in a changing world”
We look forward to welcoming you in June 2014, and sharing with you our passion for both quality scientific researches and cultural exchange.

Mario Di Fiorino, Maria Luisa Figueira

The conference will focus on   Psychiatry in a changing world

Local Scientific Committee
Irena Krupka-Matuszczyk
Maciej Pilecki

International Scientific Committee
Marija. JMelena. Funtalakis,
Evelina Petrauskaite (Lithuania), Alexei Bandati (Moldova), Igor Koleshnikov (Russia)

Local Scientific Committee
Irena Krupka-Matuszczyk, Maciej Pilecki

10 June

17.00 Opening ceremony of the Bridging conference
Maria Luisa Figueira (Lisbon, Portugal), Mario Di Fiorino (Viareggio, Italy)

Maria Luisa Figueira (Lisbon, Portugal)
Lecture Young suicide attempts

Symposium The Training in Psychiatry: some European perspectives
Laurynas Bukelskis (Vilnius, Lithuania), Luis Madeira (Lisbon, Portugal)

Laurynas Bukelskis (Vilnius, Lithuania)
Training in Lithuania

Luis Madeira (Lisbon, Portugal)
Training in Portugal

Marija Rusaka (Riga, Latvia)
Training in in Latvia

Alexei Bandati (Chisinau, Moldova)
Training in Moldova

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Bridging Eastern and Western psychiatry becomes Associated Society of
both Winter Workshop on Psychosis and International Review of Bipolar Disorders

Dear Colleagues, We are privileged to inform you that our next conference of Bridging Eastern and Western psychiatrists in 2013 will take place in Vilnius, Lithuania. The conference in Vilnius is continuing the series of the conferences organized in the Baltic states after the conferences in Tallinn, Estonia (2009) and Riga, Latvia (2011). We are glad to invite you to Vilnius, the magnificent capital of Lithuania which had been a key city in the Baltic region of Europe for about eighth undred years. By the early fourteenth century it had become the capital of the Grand Duchy of Lithuania, and it’s golden age came during the Renaissance, when the Duchy was an equal partner in a union with Poland. Place that in the heart of Europe (some geographers claim that Vilnius lies at the very centre of the European map), in the Middle Ages Vilnius was renowned as the region’s center for culture and learning, and today it has reclaimed that reputation, with a packed program of events always on the go, from classical music evenings at the Philharmonic Society Hall and performances at the Opera and Ballet Theater, Youth Theater and Academic Drama Theater to exhibitions in seven art galleries and a vast modern art center. We look forward to welcoming you in June 2013, and sharing with you our passion for both quality scientific researches and cultural exchange. Mario Di Fiorino, Maria Luisa Figueira

Bridging Eastern and Western Psychiatry
МостмеждуВосточной и Западной Психиатрией

Scientific Secretariat
Alessandro Del Debbio: E- mail:
Jacopo G. Massei E-mail:
Web site

Local Organizing Committee
E-mail: –
tel-fax +380322970597 mobile phone + 380 676759236

Editors in Chief
Mario Di Fiorino (Italy), Maria Luisa Figueira (Portugal)
Associate Editors
Angelo Cerù (Italy), Oleg V. Lapshin (Russia)
The articles must be sent to the Editor in Chief,
Mario Di Fiorino, M.D., via Montauti, 4 -
I-55042 Forte deiMarmi (Italy), by mail and/or

The publisher is Teseo ricerche Editore, Via
Cardinale Maffi, 36 – 56127, Pisa, Italy
Language of the conference
Lithuanian is the official language in Lithuania. English is the official language for the sessions of Bridging Vilnius conference.
Invitation Letters
If requested by participants Bridging Eastern and Western Psychiatry will send official invitation letters. Such solicited invitation will not offer any payment of expenses, such as fees, travel or hotel accommodation.
Certificates of Attendance will be issued on request at the Secretariat Desk to all registered participants at the end of the conference.

Il corso sulla diagnosi ed il trattamento dei sintomi somatici e la depressione si è svolto a Lecce il 12 maggio ultimo scorso. Durante i lavori è stato presentato lo stato dell’arte nel campo delle neuroscienze per consentire un più corretto inquadramento degli aspetti clinici e permettere l’ottimizzazione delle terapie di questo tipo di disturbi.

Il professor Di Fiorino introduce il corso

L’inquadramento storico dei disturbi somatici comincia con i sintomi di conversione e fa parte della storia stessa della psichiatria e della psicologia

Dell’edizione di Verona del corso su “sintomi somatici e depressione” proponiamo i video degli interventi del Prof Di Fiorino e del Dott Massei.

Introduzione del corso e depressione mascherata

Ipocondria e patofobia

Il focus dei lavori si sposta verso il trattamento dei sintomi somatici privi di base organica, con particolare riferimento alle possibilità di terapia farmacologica ed al ruolo dei neurosteroidi nel trattamento

La professoressa Claudia Martini, ordinario di biochimica presso il Dipartimento di Psichiatria, Neurobiologia, Farmacologia e Biotecnologie dell’Università di Pisa, partecipa all’evento di Viareggio 2012 per il corso su “Sintomi Somatici e Depressione” con la sua relazione sul ruolo dei neurosteroidi nell’azione antidepressiva.
Grazie alla sua partecipazione il ciclo di convegni che si svolgeranno nel 2012 sul tema delle somatizzazioni e della depressione sarà arricchito da aggiornamenti sui più recenti sviluppi in tema di biochimica della depressione e sul ruolo dei vari neurotrasmettitori nell’azione antidepressiva e nei sintomi somatici.
Come negli eventi precedenti le descrizioni cliniche, gli aspetti diagnostici e terapeutici verranno illustrati dal Prof. Mario Di Fiorino, dal Dott. Jacopo Massei e dal Dott. Bruno Pacciardi.

Giovedi 15 dicembre 2011 presso l’ospedale Versilia di Viareggio si terrà una conferenza sulla diagnosi ed il trattamento dei disturbi d’ansia. Durante l’evento vi saranno presentazioni frontali e discussioni interattive con particolare riferimento alla psicoterapia ed al trattamento farmacologico dei disturbi fobici.

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